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Services we offer are:


  • Comprehensive course material in bound files.
  • Templates
  • Presentation of course material using MSPowerpoint slides
  • Open discussion and Q/A sessions
  • Certificates for awarding of CPD points or SETA Credits

Coaching Sessions

  • Comprehensive coaching material, including:

  • - Basic notes on topic being covered
    - Templates related to specific areas
    - Workshop notes
    - Evaluation material

  • Evaluation report

  • - Suggested areas for improvement
    - Recommendations for individuals and group

Project Management Services, Using the Method123 Project Management Methodology (MPMM):

  • Consulting services to install and customize MPMM.
  • Installing MPMM on site
  • Providing you and your Client with a walkthrough of the product
  • Customizing MPMM to fit your (and the Client’s) project environment
  • Creating a brand new methodology for You or to suit your specific
    Client interface
  • Building new pages within the MPMM methodology
  • Uploading Your and your Client’s existing methodology into MPMM
  • Importing existing project management templates into MPMM
  • Showing your Client how to manage their methodologies
  • Teaching them to share methodologies with colleagues.
  • Training services to train Project Managers and teams.
  • Training for their Trainers
  • Training for their Project Managers
  • Training for their Senior Managers
  • Training for their Project Office Managers
  • Training for their Project Teams.